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There is simply no better way to inspect finned or rifled tubing than the T5 Hytec probe. Engineered to ignore geometry change so difficult flaws at supports, expansions and other high noise areas have nowhere to hide. This incredible probe offers the advantages of an array probe with the ease of use of a bobbin probe. VM Products has teamed with Independent Electronic Inspection, Inc. (IEI) to offer this revolutionary probe. The T5 HyTec probe is offered with either Detachable or Integrated Shaft.

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All of these tubing probes have been used with much success in the Power Generation, Chemical and Air Conditioning industries. Probe life and data quality have been consistently better than traditional tubing probes. In fact, the T5 HyTec has even detected circumferential cracking in tubes where traditional eddy current detected no flaws at all! One inspector commented, "We are now measuring probe life in years instead of tubes."

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High Sensitivity Bobbin Probes

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VM Products produces world class bobbin probes for the industrial tubing and BOP industries. Our probes offer distinct advantages over traditional bobbin probes:

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